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Who we are

One World Collective Inc is a south Florida based non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing relief for people and the environment. A portion of the funds raised are devoted to providing organically grown, whole foods from local sources to individuals who struggle with choosing between their life saving medication and health care, and supporting their healing bodies by eating a whole food and mainly plant based diet.


While focusing on this important mission, we are not neglecting our environmental responsibilities. All products purchased and provided to these individuals are obtained in the absolute most environmentally friendly way. One World Collective is dedicated to using zero waste practices and procedures. This means minimizing the use of disposable packaging and eliminating the use of single use plastic packaging. We know to be true that the health and well-being of each person on our planet depends on the health and well-being of Earth itself.


To further the ever-more important goal of environmental rehabilitation and protection, One World Collective also dedicates part of its funding to building positive environmental infrastructure within the local community (planting native species and edible fruit trees in public areas, promoting community gardening, etc.), educating community members and especially children on the importance of the health of the environment and how we might help it, and also distributing excess funds and volunteer labor to other local environmentally driven efforts. 


A smaller percentage of the funds raised goes toward employing a wonderful group of people who are using their skills to provide for themselves, their families, their community, and their world.

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